Is Your Dead Tree A Hazard?

Is Your Dead Tree A Hazard?

Call Florissant, Divide, and Woodland Park, CO's tree care specialists today

If one of your trees has reached the end of its life, call Elevate Tree Services, LLC. We offer a variety of tree care services, including tree removal. Our experienced tree climber will safely remove the tree piece by piece.

If your homeowner's insurance policy requires you to remove hazardous trees, call 719-963-9372 to speak to the tree removal pros in Florissant, Divide, and Woodland Park, CO.

3 reasons to schedule a tree removal service

When it comes to a hazardous tree, you can't afford to waste time. Schedule a tree removal appointment now to prevent:

  1. Property damage: Dead and dying trees can damage your home or utility lines when they fall.
  2. Fire hazards: Keeping flammable evergreen trees next to your home puts it at a greater risk for fire.
  3. Annoyances: Sometimes, you just don't want a particular tree in a particular place.

Removing old or unsightly trees could even help you sell your home more quickly.

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